PALSYS palletisers (Stacking Plate Type) Mini-201 PALSYS palletisers (Stacking Plate Type) Mini-201

The Mini-201 is designed and built by Palsys of The Netherlands. The Palsys palletising technology features the division of machine fuctions into modules which are manufactured as individual units in various basic versions (designs) with a variety of options. This approach results in a wide range of possible combinations of affordable, proven technology suited to the customers


Shrink wrapped packs, cartons, cases, bundles of magazines, bags and sacks.

Stacking Heights

Up to a maximum of 3000 mm

Stacking Patterns

Interlocking or column stacks with or without spacing between the packs

Pallet dimensions:

EURO pallet 1200x800mm, UK pallet 1200x1000mm, and other pallet sizes


Mini-201: up to 50 packs per minute

The most important features are:

  • Very compact system, ideal for installation in cramped area
  • Rapid and easy changeover to different pack/product size.
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low-level design

Optional Extras:

  • Product / pack conveying systems
  • Horizontal layer strapping unit
  • Layer glueing to create further pallet stability
  • Sheet or layer pad dispenser
  • Pallet magazine / dispenser
  • Pallet conveying systems
  • Pallet stretch wapping systems
  • Logistic Process Control

PALSYS gantry robotic palletisers GRP-40

  • The servo driven, three axis modular gantry robotic palletisers are ideally suited for palletising of cartons, SW packs and large cases
  • Smooth movements are guaranteed to ensure low mechanical strain and speeds of up to 12 movements per minute. By picking up 4 or more packs
  • simultaneously the capacity can be considerably increased
  • Housed within a rigid steel frame, the Logimath palletiser offers a versatile, compact solution for all kinds of palletising applications
  • On-screen programming allows for easy adding of new stacking patterns or altering of existing stacking patterns
  • Having established the required stacking pattern(s), simply save the program and the palletiser is ready for operation

PALSYS fully automatic gantry robotic palletiser GRP-40 with

  • Pallet magazine / dispenser
  • Layer pad dispenser
  • Pallet roller conveyors
  • Vacuum / gripper pick & place head
  • Controlled by Siemens PLC, S-7 series
  • Guarding of wiremesh with interlocked access doors and light guard curtain

Special gripper type pick-up head for heavy or shrink wrapped products

Special gripper type pick-up head for GRP-40 with gripping plates to hold up to 8 shrink-wrapped packs and palletise at 50 packs per minute. Gripper head also fitted with vacuum suction to pick up layer card and place on pallet.
Applications: heavy products like 25kg cases with bulk butter, 27kg cases with flavouring powder, multiple shrink wrapped packs / trays

PALSYS fully automatic, VERY COMPACT, gantry robotic palletiser GRP-40 with:

  • Pallet magazine / dispenser
  • Pallet roller conveyors
  • Special vacuum pick & place head for picking up multiple packs
  • Controlled by Siemens PLC, S-7 series

Special pick and place head for higher capacity

Special vacuum suction pick and place head for GRP-40 for picking up four cases at a time
Applications: lighter products like corrugated cases or cartons at speeds of up to 48 or more per minu

PALSYS compact gantry robotic palletiser GRP-40

  • Single pallet position on factory floor
  • Very compact footprint 2100x1500mm
  • Standard vacuum pick & place head
  • Controlled by Siemens PLC, S7-series
  • Guarding of wiremesh

General Description

Servo activated

Drive motors:

High speed linear guides


Up to 12 movements per minute but with e.g. 4 packs picked up together a maximum speed of 48 packs per minute can be achieved


Placement accurary of /- 0.5mm


Rigid, welded mild steel box section of 100x100x3mm.


Standard model up to 25 kg

Maximum pick:

Special models up to 40 kg

Up weight:


Standard is Siemens PLC, S7-series

Mild steel frame with wire mesh


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