Tray de Nesting and Tray Sealing Machines

The Tramper servo-controlled denester D-3100

The Tramper D-3100, probably the most reliable denester in the world. Denests your trays and pots with great precision, speed and high efficiency.The D-3100 is frequently used in combination with a Tramper tray / pot sealing systems.


Design Features


  • Servo driven vacuum suction pick-up assembly with precision separation of the trays or pots.
  • Single and multiple denesting of single and multiple compartment products.
  • suitable for single line denesting.
  • Available as a stand-alone system or integrated into Tramper line control
  • Denesting at a fixed speed or on demand
  • Application of product numbers for retention of specific product settings
  • The change parts consist of quick change-over cassettes for different tray / pot size.
  • This alows for quick, easy and precise change-over without tools


Technical Specifications
Denesting range 1000 x 300 x 130 mm (LxWxH)
Capacity up to 35 cycles per minute subject to tray /pot design
Machine dimensions 1400 x 950 x 1000 mm (LxWxH)

Change Parts: Standard magazine for trays or pots.Quick change-over without tools

Change Parts: Standard type vacuum suction pick-up assembly (180 degree rotation). Quick change-over without tools

Close-up of the Tramper servo-controlled multi-lane de-nesting station.

Change Parts: High Speed type vacuum suction pick-up assembly (90 degree rotation). Quick change-over without tools

Examples of trays and pots that Tramper Technology can denest

The Tramper servo-controlled fully automatic tray sealing machines VTS-3080:

Design Features

  • Walking beam transport systems servo-driven)moving on trays a fixed distance each cycle yielding considerable energy and cost savings
  • Sealing with transparent or printed foil
  • Quick Change Sealing Moulds with external servo-control of both sealing and punching modules
  • Option of vacuumising and/or gas-flushing system
  • Suitable for sealing trays of various shapes, dimensions and materials for a wide variety of products – fish, meat, poultry, vegetables and ready-meals
  • High flexibility with simple change over within a short time space
  • Built of stainless steel and suitable plastics

This photo shows some typical trays that can be sealed with transparent or printed foil on a Tramper sealing machine.
We can also - where required - place an alu-foil covered card on top of a filled aluminium tray and fold or crimp the edges of the tray around the card.

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