Conveyor Systems

A.M.J. MATERS offer a wide range of conveyors for most packaging requirements and in particular for linking together packaging machinery or systems so as to achieve efficient and smooth packaging production line operation.

Belt and Slat Conveyors are available for:

  • Incline or Decline;
  • Hand Packing Station;
  • Variety of Products like Cases, Tubs and bottles;
  • Print and Apply Labellers
  • Ink Jet Printers

Powered Roller Conveyors (Line Shaft)

Enabling purpose designed layouts and systems to be made with standard modules. The wide range of modules available allows for the most complex systems to be easily assembled.

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Products can queue without heavy build up of pressure, i.e. at work stations or where traffic control is required.


Individually powered rollers are driven by the lineshaft via elastomeric belts, allowing a single motor to power large sections of an overall system.


As fewer drive motors are required, installation, maintenance and power consumption is reduced.

Gravity Conveyors (Roller or Skatewheel)

These gravity, roller and skatewheel conveyor units provide clean, unbroken lines in any system where sections of unmotorised travel is required.

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We excel in delivering comprehensive conveyor solutions, meticulously tailored to enhance packaging line integration and efficiency. Their extensive array of belt and slat conveyors impeccably addresses diverse packaging demands, ensuring seamless transitions between machinery and systems for optimal production flow. Whether managing inclines, declines, or hand packing stations, their conveyors proficiently handle an assortment of products including cases, tubs, and bottles, while also supporting print and apply labellers, and ink jet printers.

The Powered Roller Conveyors, featuring Line Shaft technology, stand out for their adaptability. Users can craft bespoke layouts using standard modules, catering to the most intricate systems with ease. These conveyors guarantee gentle product accumulation, preventing undue pressure build-up, crucial at bustling workstations or traffic control points. With individually powered rollers driven by elastomeric belts, these systems champion efficiency, allowing extensive sections to run under a single motor. This design not only streamlines operations but also brings forth substantial economic advantages by cutting down on the number of required drive motors, subsequently reducing installation, maintenance, and power costs.

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