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PALSYS (BUHRS) GRP-40 Gantry Robotic Palletiser

A.M.J Maters - PALSYS (BUHRS) GRP-40 Gantry Robotic Palletiser (Image 1)
A.M.J Maters - PALSYS (BUHRS) GRP-40 Gantry Robotic Palletiser (Image 2)
A.M.J Maters - PALSYS (BUHRS) GRP-40 Gantry Robotic Palletiser (Image 3)

The GRP-40 gantry robotic palletisers are ideally suited for palletising of cartons, cases and shrink wrapped packs.

Smooth movements are guaranteed to ensure low mechanical strain and speed of up to 10 movements per minute.

Housed within a rigid steel frame, the GRP-40 offers a versatile, compact solution for all kinds of palletising applications.

We control the gantry robot with a standard Siemens PLC. Accurate mechanical control is achieved using PLC based software, complete with Touch Screen facility and hard disk storage.

On-screen programming allows for easy adding of stacking patterns. Having established the required stacking pattern.

General: Description:
Frame: Rigid, Welded Steel Frame;
Drive Motors: Servo Activated;
Movements: High Speed Linear Guides;
Stacking Heights: To Suit Customer Requirement;
Capacity: Up to 10 Movements per Minute;
Accuracy: Placement Accuracy +/- 0.5mm;
Maximum Payload: On Standard Machine is 30KG;
Controls: Siemens PLC S7-300;
Touchscreen: Siemens TP170;
Stacking Patterns: Freely Programmable;
Pick-Up Head: To suit your Product;
Optional Extras:
  • Empty Pallet Magazine / Dispenser;
  • Layer Pad Magazine / Dispenser;
  • Special Gripper Pick-Up Heads;
  • Pallet Conveyors;
  • Multi-Pallet Palletising;
  • Pallet Stretch Wrappers;
Product Pick-Up Heads:

We use a wide variety of Pick-up Heads to suit the product to be palletised. For example, a 25 kg case containing butter would be palletised with a special pick-up head holding the case on one side with vacuum suction cups with a counter support plate on the oppostie side.

For lighter cases or packs we use a pick-up head with vacuum suction cups. For shrink wrapped packs we may use a gripper type pick-up head.

To achieve higher speeds we pick up two or more cases or packs at the same time.

Product Advantages:
  • Rapid and Easy change-over to Different Pack / Product;
  • Easy to Add New Packs / Products (Stacking Patterns);
  • Low Operating Cost and Maintenance Cost;
  • Easy to Operate and Maintain;