Lantech C-2000 Case Erector

The Lantech C-2000 Case Erector excels with its dependable and efficient operation, managing up to 25 cases per minute with minimal maintenance. Its ergonomic design and unique Rembrandt features ensure perfect case formation, while quick change-overs and versatile closure options provide adaptability. Robust and user-friendly, it’s perfect for any packaging line.


  • Reliable and efficient operation
  • Little maintenance with long service life
  • Ergonomic, low level walk-in case blanks magazine for easy re-filling of case blanks;
  • The unique Rembrandt hinged vacuum suction frame picks up the case blank on a short and a long panel ensuring a perfect, square or rectangular case;
  • The unique Rembrandt flap-folding assembly with the folding movement towards the stationery case;
  • Quick change-over (3-4 minutes) to a different case size using hand wheels with digital read-out counters or rulers;
  • Tape or Hot Melt Glue closing of bottom flaps;
  • Standard Detection: tape broken or tape finished;
  • Horizontal grip profile on the side belts;
  • Available in a left-hand or a right-hand version;
  • A wide choice of capacities using pneumatic or mechanical drives with a maximum speed of up to 30 cases per minute;

Dependable because of:

  • The monitoring of the folding movements;
  • The time check on the case transport;
  • Standard Detection: tape broken or tape finished;
  • Standard Detection: discharge conveyor full;
  • No periodic lubrication necessary;
  • Check on correctly closed cases;

Easy to Use:

  • Extended case discharge height
  • Extra-heavy-duty long flap folders for heavy-duty cases;
  • Square case package;
  • Detection: case blanks magazine almost empty warning light;
  • Detection: tape almost finished warning light;
  • Text display panel on control box;
  • Mobile frame with brake type castors;
  • Extended case blanks magazine;

Other Case Erecting Systems include:

  • Fully automatic case erection directly from the pallet for very large case blanks;
  • Handling recycled cases;
  • Automatic size change-over (servo-driven);
  • Automatic size change-over (servo-driven) using Bar Code Reader / Scanner;
Minimum Dimensions
(L x W x C-Height):
Maximum Dimensions
(L x W x C-Height):
Maximum Capacity:
250 x 150 x 150 (mm) 650 x 450 x 650 (mm) Up to 25 CPM

The C-Height is measured as follows: Height of a Closed Case plus Half the Case Width.