Lantech CS-1000 Case Tape Closer (Modular)

The CS-1000 benefits from the proven techniques for the Lantech machine range. Their solid construction, the simplicity of tried and tested concepts and the exclusive use of quality brand components, put the CS-1000 in a league of its own.

You Benefit because:

The CS-1000 reduces your labour cost and meets Health & Safety demands. Nowadays it is more and more difficult to find staff prepared to do monotonous work. Using the CS-1000 avoids repetitive strain, thus reducing long-term absenteeism of staff through illness. The CS-1000 requires little maintenance and is very easy to use.

Design Features

  • Closes the top flaps with self adhesive tape;
  • All types of corrugated cases including heavy duty quality BC flute cases;
  • Unique one fixed side option - in a packing line a fixed side is often more practical;
  • Handles a wide range of case sizes;

Easy to Use

  • Hand-wheel adjustments with digital counters;
  • Quick change-over to a different case size;
  • Fine tuning and re-adjusting not required;
  • No periodic lubrication necessary;
  • Long life drive belts;
  • Extremely accurate drives;
  • Innovative construction of drive belts simplifies changeovers;

Optional Extras

  • Infeed guide rail for manual feeding;
  • Case separating module to ensure one case at a time enters CS-1000;
  • Choice of unique one fixed side;
  • Fast-up movement for top tape dispensing head;
  • Quick change-over tape dispenser;
  • Detection: Tape almost empty;
  • Detection: Correctly closed case, broken tape & tape empty;
  • Detection: case correctly transported;
  • 240 volts (and other voltages) connection;
  • Lower minimum case height from 120mm to 60mm;
  • Bottom taping head assembly;

Reliable to Use

  • Double pre-formed horizontal slide unit provides great stability;
  • Extra grip through horizontal profile on the side belts;
  • Solid side belt guidance (aluminium frame);
  • Sophisticated twin transmission of motor speed;
  • All of the above are keys to a reliable machine;
Minimum Dimensions
(L x W x C-Height):
Maximum Dimensions
(L x W x C-Height):
Maximum Capacity:
200 x 120 x 120 (mm) 650 x 450 x 500 (mm) Up to 25 CPM