Lantech LA-1000 Lid Application Machine

From a low level walk-in type magazine a blank is taken with vacuum and placed in position for a mechanical pusher to move the blank to the forming tool. During the transfer of the lid blank a very accurate timing of the hot melt glue application is achieved on the two short flaps of the lid blank. In the meantime, a bead of hot melt glue is applied along the top of the two long sides of the tray / case. After reaching the lid application position the blank will be picked up and when the filled tray is in the right position, the lid blank will with great precision move downwards to the top of the filled tray. In that position the 4 flaps will be folded in (90 degrees) against the filled tray. The folding plates will remain in position briefly to allow for the glue to bond the lid to the tray. The folding unit will retract to its starting position and tray / case with glued lid will exit the machine via the roller conveyor.

Benefits of this Product:

  • Reliable and efficient operation;
  • Little maintenance with long service life;
  • Quick change-over to a different lid size using hand wheels with digital read-out counters or rulers;
  • Wide range of lid sizes;
  • Available in a left-hand or a right-hand version;
  • High speed up to 30 lids per minute;
Minimum Tray Case Dimensions (L x W x H): Maximum Tray Case Dimensions (L x W x H):
300 x 200 x 180 (mm) 600 x 400 x 380 (mm)