Lantech Q-1000 Fully Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper

The Q-1000 is the fully automatic pallet stretch wrapper that fits into a production line with speeds of up to 40 pallet loads per hour. There is no operator involvement required, except to change rolls of film.

Benefits of this Product:

  • Lantech technology with more than 30 years experience in pallet stretch wrappers and more than 40,000 machines in the field;
  • Simple adjustment of stretch parameters, easy film replacement;
  • Soft start-up and fixed stop, automatic film cut-off, touch control panel with LED-display;
  • Work safety with enclosed mast design and guarded film roll carriage;

Optional Extras:

  • Electric Top Platen;
  • Top Sheet Dispenser;
  • Ramp;
  • Additional Wrap Height;
  • Extra Wide Film Roll;
  • Adjustable Turntable Speed;
  • Special Machine Finish Packages (Freeze, Splash-Proof, Anti-Corrosion);