Lantech Q-300 XT Semi-Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper

Most customers wrapping up to 100 pallet loads per day find that the Q-300 XT dramatically improves their overall productivity. If you do not have a steady production flow, and your pallets need to be wrapped within a few hours, then the Q-300 XT can wrap as many as 40 loads per hour. The forklift truck operators do not have to wait around. They do not even have to get off the forklift truck. They just pull a Lanyard switch to start the machine. The film is automatically attached and cut. The operator is free to do other jobs in the factory. The Q-300 XT is usually loaded and unloaded using a fork lift truck. However, thanks to the low level turntable, a ramp can be added so that a hand pallet truck can also be used.

Benefits of this Product:

  • Lantech technology with more than 30 years experience in pallet stretch wrappers and more than 40,000 machines in the field;
  • Simple adjustment of stretch parameters, easy film replacement;
  • Soft start-up and fixed stop, automatic film cut-off, touch control panel with LED-display;
  • Work safety with enclosed mast design and guarded film roll carriage;

Optional Extras:

  • Electric Top Platen;
  • Top Sheet Dispenser;
  • Ramp;
  • Additional Wrap Height;
  • Extra Wide Film Roll;
  • Adjustable Turntable Speed;
  • Special Machine Finish Packages (Freeze, Splash-Proof);