Lantech Rembrandt C-3000 Case Erector for Very Large Cases

The Lantech Rembrandt C3000 is a robust and efficient case erecting system, notable for its quick change-over capabilities, ergonomic design, and reliable operation. It ensures perfect case formation with its unique vacuum suction frame and flap-folding assembly, and requires minimal maintenance. Optional extras and standard detection features enhance its performance and ease of use.


  • Reliable and efficient operation
  • Little maintenance with long service life
  • Ergonomic, low level walk-in case blanks magazine for easy re-filling of case blanks;
  • The unique Rembrandt hinged vacuum suction frame picks up the case blank on a short and a long panel ensuring a perfect, square or rectangular case;
  • The unique Rembrandt flap-folding assembly with the folding movement towards the stationery case;
  • Quick change-over (3-4 minutes) to a different case size using hand wheels with digital read-out counters or rulers;
  • Tape or Hot Melt Glue closing of bottom flaps;
  • Standard Detection: tape broken or tape finished;
  • Horizontal grip profile on the side belts;
  • Available in a left-hand or a right-hand version;
  • A wide choice of capacities using pneumatic or mechanical drives with a maximum speed of up to 30 cases per minute;

Dependable because of:

  • The monitoring of the folding movements;
  • The time check on the case transport;
  • Standard Detection: tape broken or tape finished;
  • Standard Detection: discharge conveyor full;
  • No periodic lubrication necessary;
  • Check on correctly closed cases;

Other Case Erecting Systems include:

  • Fully automatic case erection directly from the pallet – usually for very large case blanks;
  • Handling recycled cases;
  • Automatic size change-over (servo-driven);

Optional Extras:

  • Extended case discharge height;
  • Extra-heavy-duty long flap folders for heavy-duty cases;
  • Square case package;
  • Detection: case blanks magazine almost empty warning light;
  • Detection: tape almost finished warning light;
  • Text display panel on control box;
  • Mobile frame with brake type castors;
  • Extended case blanks magazine;